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Facts on FY 2018/2019 Draft Budget before the Liberian Legislature for Approval

  • Resource Envelop: US $ 562.2 Million
    Expenditure Priorities:
    Public Sector Investment Plan -US$ 73.4 Million.
    • US$ 40.56 M Infrastructure & Services Sector – Roads construction, Maintenance of Bridges, and Construction of Pro-Poor Housing
    • US $ 5.0 M Education – Construction of Laboratories, Libraries & Arm Chairs for Public Schools
  • US $ 1.58 M Health Sector – Expansion and Improving Mental Health Services and Provision of equipment for JFD Hospital
  • US $ 3.0 M Social Development Services Sector – job creation, high vulnerable population at risk and humanitarian outreach activities
  • US $ 2.78 M Agricultural Sector – Rice Value chain development and development of improved varieties and seeds of basic cash crops
  • US$ 2.5 M Municipal & Local Gov’t Sector – Cleaning all major Cities in the country
  • US$ 16.0 M Public Administration Sector- Conducting Population Census & the Renovation of the Executive Mansion
    •US $ 2.0 M Security Sector – Construction of the Army Hospital for Army Personnel.
  • RECURRENT EXPENDITURE -Government’s Administrative and Routine Operational Costs
    •US $ 30M Debt Management $7 M Domestics and Interest & $ 23M for External Debt principal and Interest
    • US $ 303.3 M Compensation of Employees including provisions for new staff from the Security, Health and Education Sectors. The net change in compensation to employees also reflects the austerity measures endorsed by the Cabinet ranging from 3.5 -10 % salary cut across spending entities.
  • US$ 79.14 M For goods and services including educational and essential Health supplies
  • US$ 63.14 M in grants to government and non-governmental service delivery entities
  • US$ 1.71 M for subsidy to non-governmental organizations complimenting government’s efforts in strategic services delivery
  • US$ 0.48 M in Social benefits to former elected officers and
  • US $ 10.97 M Non -Financial assets relevant for road maintenance and the acquisition of new assets for government operations.
    Note: Public Hearing on the The Revenue and Expenditure components of the Draft FY 2018/2019 will commence shortly. The process will be opened and the public is advised to fully participate as the House will ensure a transparent process for the benefit of all citizens. (Courtesy: The Liberian House of Representatives)



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